Utagawa Toyoshige Night Rain at Ôyama
Utagawa Toyoshige Night Rain at Ôyama

The early years of the 20th Century were the heyday of so-called ‘commercial art’. An explosion in graphic design drew on all the current trends of the art world and translated them into bold arresting images.

This blog is linked to my shop selling copies of some of these wonderful images to display in your home. The originals were created from the beginning to be distributed widely and the reproduction prints I sell are as close as I can get to the look and feel of those historic originals.

Auburn Automobiles poster
Auburn Automobiles poster

Despite being reproductions I use archival quality materials and take the same care and attention in making them as my own original art work. The sources vary widely – old photographs from junk shops and boot sales, old post cards, advertising ephemera, old engravings and lithographs – the range of material seems endless.

The blog will be a place to document my research, to talk in more detail about some of the types of images and generally to bring forward new finds as I add them to the shop.

Currently the shop  is hosted on Etsy, but it is accessible via www.panchromatica.co.uk

You can find my own work here: ian-bertram.co.uk



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