Botanical Art 1 – Orchids

Botanical art has a long history so it’s not surprising it is well represented in the shop. This post is the first of several with a view of giving you just a taster of what’s available.

If you like Orchids, then one of the definitive works is Reichenbachia. This was a four-volume 19th-century text created by German-born orchidologist Frederick Sander which features life-size illustrations and descriptions of nearly two hundred orchids. It was named in honor of the renowned German orchidologist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach. Reichenbachia was a collaboration between Sander and English landscape painter Henry George Moon, who created most of the illustrations. Work on Reichenbachia began in 1886 and lasted until 1890, with the first volume being published in 1888, with the subsequent three volumes being published in two-year intervals.

I have high resolution scans of most of the images from Reichenbachia, although only a small proportion are in the shop. If you have a specific plate in mind, get in touch. Meanwhile here are a few examples from the shop

Other notable examples of such imagery can be found in several other 19th century volumes including Lindenia published between 1891 and 1898 and The Orchid Album published between 1872 and 1897. I have many examples from Lindenia and a few from The Orchid Album, so again if you have specific plates in mind get in touch. Here are some more examples:


The Orchid Album


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