This blog is primarily intended to provide background information on the images for sale in my Etsy shop. However they are for sale, so I can’t avoid talking about money!

To keep prices down, most images are printed at standard sizes and mounted to fit standard frame sizes. The listings show standard sizes in inches, since most of my sales so far have been to UK, US and Australia. However if you prefer I can offer a mount sized to fit a standard metric frame at no extra cost. I can also provide mounts to a specific size if you prefer, perhaps to fit a frame you already have. In that case just ask before ordering and I will give you a quote. In most cases it will only be a pound or two extra.

The mounts are antique white, again to try and keep costs down. If you absolutely have to have another colour, get in touch for a quote.

So, prices…

I have three basic sizes, which ar effectively small, medium and large, although within those broad categories there are variations depending on the proportions of the image.


This means 6″x4″, 7″ x 4.25″ or 7″ x 5″. I have found that these three fit prety much all the images I offer. These are currentl;y listed at £8.00 for a print on photographic paper, or £12.00 for a print on heavy art paper, about 300gms/m². These are all mounted to fit a standard frame 10″ x 8″. Metric size would be 25cm x 20cm.


This means 10″ x 8″, 11″ x 7″ or 11″ x 8″. These are currently listed as £15.00 on photographic paper or £21.00 on art paper. These are mounted to fit a standard 16″ x 12″ frame. Metric size is 40cm x 30cm.


This means anything between about 16″ x 10″ and 18″ x 13″. This size is not offered with a mount, since the mounted print would be too unwieldy to post normally and the extra packaging would involve extra costs. If you require a mount nevertheless, get in touch and I will provide a quote for mounting and for shipping costs. This size is priced at £25.00 on photographic paper and £30.00 on art paper.

Other sizes

Sometimes images are in unusual proportions, such as long panoramas. These are usually priced individually. They usually exclude mounts, but again, if you need a mount ask for a quote.

Other exceptions

Sometimes one or other paper option will not be offered. This is usually because in my judgement the image is best suited to the paper type offered.

You may also find prints in the shop with different prices to those above. This is because I am in the process of adjusting price points, as they fall to be renewed. It would take too long to go through the hundreds of listings currently in the shop. The small size is fractionally more expensive, while the largest sizes are usually substantially cheaper. If you find a print where the price is higher than those above and this arises because the listing has still to be altered, get in touch and I will refund the difference.


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