What’s in store?

I’m conscious that nothing has been posted here for months. I’ve been concentrating on building up the shop stock rather than promotion outside Etsy, where it is hosted. I’m going to try and do better!

About the shop

I’m an artist printmaker, I took this up on retirement but even before I was always taking photographs and have done so for over 50 years now. The visual arts have always been important to me and I’ve always been fascinated by ephemera and by things like old maps, travel posters and graphic design generally.

A chance discovery of some large digital scans of pulp magazines led me to set up on Etsy selling copies of these and some floral prints.Since then range of images I sell has grown to include advertisements, architectural drawings, maps and plans, vintage photography, botanical prints, Golden Age comics and pulp magazines and a host of other subjects. All the images I sell are public domain or otherwise out of copyright. Having the shop gives me the excuse to go digging around in digital archives and to browse antique and vintage stores in search of new and exciting things that I can then share with my customers.

The shop on Etsy is arranged by sections – think of them as departments in a store. Each section is based around particular content, so for example if you want motoring prints, the motoring section is the place to look. There are 15 sections and these have been replicated as categories for this blog. So a blog post about fashion and costume will be tagged with that category.

If instead of the print subject you want to look for a particular medium such as photography, engravings, woodblock prints etc, these are best found by doing a shop search. I’m adding cross links to other similar items but this will take some time as listings fall to be renewed when I take the opportunity to revise and update them..

Most of the images I sell are ready mounted (sometimes called matting) to fit standard frame sizes. This makes it easier for you to frame as you choose using ready made frames, while still allowing you the option of a custom frame. The standard sizes are dimensioned in inches, since most sales so far are to the US or UK. However if you want a mount to fit a standard metric frame I’m happy to oblige for no extra cost. I can also provide mounts to non-standard sizes on request. All my mounts are in antique white. I have found this complements most images. Standardising materials and frame sizes helps me keep costs down and means you get a great image at an affordable price. If you really want a different colour, let me know before ordering and I will give you a quote and a revised delivery date.

All materials used in matting are high-quality and to the same standard as those I use for my own original art work available from my other shop. All mounted prints include a backing piece in the same card as the mount and are packed in a protective cello bag and shipped in securely packed reinforced packaging.

Unmounted prints on heavy art paper are sent flat in similar packaging for those made on heavyweight art paper. Lighter photo paper prints are rolled in artist tissue and sent in a mailing tube.

In addition to the selling of these reproduction prints here, I also go to specialist fairs and conventions where I can. If you have a specialist interest and you think I might be interested in a stall at one of your events, please get in touch.

I also offer a service to small businesses, guest houses and hotels, restaurants etc, in fact any business looking to decorate their premises with either reproduction prints, or with original art. Contact me for details of how I can help you.

All the images in the shop are also available as notecards. There is a listing in the notecard section with further details.

Prices in the shop are retail. Please get in touch if you are interested in reselling any of these images in a retail shop.

Please note – although most of these images are either in the public domain or out of copyright, most also incorporate significant amounts of work by me to restore and prepare the images for printing. When you buy from me you are buying the physical print with no further rights to reproduction. If you want to use any of these images in print or digital publications please contact me first.


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